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We have inimitable experience in amino acid field. We are offer quality custom organic synthesis from grams to kilograms at most competitive price.

¦Á-Amino acid
£¨2-Amino propionic acid£©

Amino Acid Form£º
¡¡¡¡DL-Amino acid
¡¡¡¡L-Amino acid
¡¡¡¡D-Amino acid


R2£ºAmino Protection
¡¡¡¡£¨H¡¢Boc¡¢Fmoc¡¢ CBZ¡­¡­£©

R3£ºAcid Protection

¦Â-Amino acid
£¨3-Amino propionic acid£©

¦Â-Homo amino acid
£¨3-Amino butyric acid£©

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